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Service & Value Through Innovation

About Load Bros

Load Bros was founded in early 2021 by Zack and Adam Kram. Two brothers setting out to make a difference in the world of logistics. With an efficient team, Load Bros is always evolving and working hard to move the products you need moved. We are home based in Missouri, working with carriers across the United States.

Our team has the spirit and dedication required to be the best at what we do, provide innovative freight solutions!

Why Choose Us?

Our goal is to represent our clients to our best ability. We strive to give you the best freight rates available, keeping you informed and involved throughout the entire process. Load Bros works diligently around the clock to provide the best customer service. 

Operational Excellence

Load Bros is constantly improving our business through teamwork, problem-solving, and strong leadership.

Continuous Growth

We are always open to new opportunities and looking to grow our clientele/business as a whole.

Team of Experts

All employees have been thoroughly vetted and have completed the required course to obtain a brokerage certificate.

Expert Advisors

Load Bros has various resources to quickly solve any problems and answer all questions.

24/7 Support

Each of our Brokers are available for contact anytime, anywhere.
Just give us a call!

100% Satisfaction

As a customer, you will always be 100% satisfied working with the quality and determination of our company.

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